Oxford North

Oxford North

Proposed Development

Project Overview

As the city continues to grow and peninsular residential communities continue to mature, there is a growing demand for modern up to date apartment accommodation. The proposed Oxford North development will appeal to people living in the area, where they have spent most of their lives, who want to continue living in the area but move to a different more efficient type of residence.  This project will also bring new residents into the neighbourhood to revitalize the area.

Design Rational:

Significant changes in land use have taken place in the vicinity of the site since the original development. The first historic use was as a residence for the Catholic Nuns, and then in the 1980’s the site was adapted to a rooming house use.

After a review by the developer and engineers it has been determined that the existing building is not conducive to upgrading, as the plans are based a narrow cross section wing design with a centre corridor and small flanking rooms on each side. The existing multi unit building has only stair access to the upper floors, and the construction is obsolete with regard energy efficiency and layout.  The existing parking is at grade level and is a poor use of a valuable site.

Quick Facts

  • The site is comprised of an existing lot – Civic 6399,6395 and 6389 North St – containing a multi unit residential building and a duplex residential building.
  • These sites considered together have frontage on North Street, Oxford Street, and Seaforth Street. The site is on the intersection of Oxford Street and North Street (North East Corner) and extends to Seaforth Street on the sites Northern Boundary.
  • The site consists of a combined total site area of 27,590 sq.ft. (0.63 acres).
  • This area is designated Corridor in the Center Plan.
  • The site is surrounded by a mixture of land uses: Oxford Street School across North Street to the South, a church across Oxford Street to the West, open space across North Street to the South West, and residential uses North and East of the site along Oxford Street and Seaforth Street. Additionally there is a large Catholic Church located close and to the East of the Site along North Street. Both North and Oxford Streets contain commercial uses within sight of this site.
  • Building heights in the immediate area vary from 2/3 storey residential, and other larger structures in the 40 to 60 foot height range.

Renderings and Architectural Drawings

Public Information Meeting

As part of our commitment to public engagement and adding value to our communities we will be hosting an online public information session on that will be announced as soon as a day and time are confirmed

This meeting will be hosted virtually via ZOOM with traditional call in access. Attendees will be able to submit questions after the presentation has begun.

If you would like to submit a question before that meeting you can do so by using this online form.

If you need to contact someone about this project immediately please call:
902-457-3687 (Please reference Oxford North when speaking with our staff)