Retirement Downsizing: Renters Advantage

Retirement Downsizing: Renters Advantage

Home ownership isn’t for everyone – renting can be the best option for people looking to downsize, snowbirds and retired people in general. You often hear people say ‘why rent when you can own?’ and while that may be true for some , for retired people it’s usually the opposite; Why own when you can rent?

Downsizing to An Apartment vs. Buying and Maintaining a Condo in Retirement is a good idea.

Renting saves you money. No closing fees, real estate commissions, mortgage interest, property taxes, condo fees, or maintenance costs. When you live with Mosaik, you pay rent, period. (Although we do advise you speak to your insurance provider about protecting your belongings with a tenant’s insurance policy.)

Live life more simply. Maybe it’s time to downsize – your house is too big, too much to manage. You’re looking for less responsibility and more time doing the things you like to do. Renting an apartment from Mosaik allows you to do just that without compromising your quality of life. Beautiful rental properties, excellent management services, and your neighbours are mature, responsible people who value home sweet home, just like you. You can even bring your cat!

You can travel worry-free. If you’re a snowbird and or just like to travel on a regular basis, renting is ideal. No worrying about snowstorm damage, flooding, frozen pipes, or break-ins. Mosaik provides 24-hour service for their secure, monitored, and managed apartments. It’s ideal for your active life and peace of mind.

No handy man required! When you own a house, you are responsible for all maintenance to the house and yard. It can get very expensive and be a lot of work. When you rent from Mosaik, we take care of everything for you. Say goodbye to shovelling snow, painting the house, replacing windows, and mowing the lawn!

Feel confident with our live-In resident managers. With our friendly, professional, well-trained resident managers, you can rest assured that your needs will be taken care of. Our live-in, on-site resident managers are dedicated to providing a superior living experience for all our tenants and respect everyone’s right to live a pleasure and peaceful life.

You get freedom & flexibility. Should your situation change in the future and you need to move due to a new job or relocation, you have the freedom to give your required notice and leave. No need to worry about the hassle of selling your home or the state of the housing market.

Enjoy convenient access to urban amenities. Mosaik properties are built in thriving communities where people want to live. Everything you need from groceries, entertainment and restaurants to professional services and shopping are located within a kilometre of each property. Our properties also offer easy access to major bus routes.